Through combined expertise and infrastructure, the Center brings together academic researchers and their students from Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering, Weinberg School of Arts and Sciences, and the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, with conservators, curators, and conservation scientists at the Art Institute of Chicago for both scholarly inquiry and the advancement of conservation practice.

The Center is a gateway to Northwestern's vast central user facilities, including those for imaging and advanced chemical analysis with dedicated technical support, as well as the specialized facilities at AIC. At the Art Institute of Chicago, portable instrumentation such as a portable FTIR, a portable XRF, and a colorimeter is available for on-site, non-invasive investigation. At Northwestern, the state-of-the-art facilities include the Jerome B. Cohen X-ray Diffraction Facility, the Center for Atom Probe Tomography, and the Northwestern University Atomic and Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center (NUANCE). NUANCE offers scanning and transmission electron microscopes, scanning probe microscopy, spectroscopy and localized measurements, and other state-of-the-art surface science instrumentation. The Integrated Molecular Structure Education and Research Center is available for conventional spectroscopies. View the full list of facilities and available resources.

Available facilities by function

*NU-ACCESS gratefully acknowledges support for this instrument from the Northwestern University Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (NSF-DMR1121262), the Walter P. Murphy Society and the Alumnae of Northwestern University.

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